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Hi and welcome to my site! Browse through the categories to your right, and click on the things that attract your attention.  The image below, however, is different and unpredictable… click on it at your own risk. Sometimes it gives people a feeling of bliss that lasts for days, but much more often your computer and your cell phone self-destruct in 10 seconds. Before you click on the image ask yourself this profound question:  Can I really live without my computer or cell phone even for a day? D A N G E R !!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding. But enjoy the illusion (go ahead, click on it).

Snake Illusion

Note: An interesting thing is that nothing is really moving on this stationary image, the movement that you perceive (after you click on the image)  is really your mind playing tricks on you. Can you explain why is this illusory movement happening?

Glad to see you on my site!